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Tailem Town

Self Guided Tours

Although we don't offer conducted tours during the day, you are able to take a self-guided tour around the largest Pioneer Village in the Southern Hemisphere!

With the offered map, explore approx 113 buildings, including a genuine church (1900), school (1885) and village hall (1883).  This village is not designed for working displays, but it does give you time to quietly reflect on how our grandparents and great grandparents lived as well as give you a sense of what we have left behind.

What better way to teach our children history, than to visually show them... far more powerful!

Don't forget to give yourself around 3hrs to make your way around the exhibits.

Opening times:
9 a.m. until 4 p.m. - 7 days a week (not open Christmas Day)


We are PET FRIENDLY so don't forget to bring your four-legged mates, they are more than welcome to walk around with you in the village. We just ask you to please bring your poop bags for clean up and have your pet on a leash.

Please note, animals are not allowed on the night tours for safety reasons.



Adult - $28

Pensioner - $25

Students over 16 - $26

Children 4-15 - $10

1 Adult & 1 Child - $33

1 Adult & 2 children - $48

Family (2 adults and up to 4 children) - $66

Groups over fifteen and over -$26 pp

Children under 4 free

School Groups - $11 per person (child or adult)

Prices are subject to change. 

Tailem Town

Ghost Tours

These tours are run by multi-award-winning operator Adelaide Haunted Horizons on behalf of Old Tailem Town. We will only partner with the best, and these guys are the best in Australia!

Please note that we do not allow daytime paranormal investigations in the village.  Please respect that the village is reserved for families and children to enjoy leisurely.  Paranormal Investigations are reserved for evening events only and should be booked through Adelaide Haunted Horizons (Details below).

With so many authentic old buildings and artefacts, it would not be surprising to hear that stories have grown of ghostly happenings in the town. Many of these stories centre around the old church, where music has been heard, figures seen, and strange photographs captured.

But the stories don't just stop with the church. Learn about the Hotel that was made out of a home—a home whose owner despised such places and the alcohol associated with them! Was he the dark figure that stepped out into the hallway and vanished in front of a whole tour?

And what of the gentleman, who used to be very much attached to the old train station and painstakingly kept it in order? He was not so happy when it moved location.

There are many characters to be spoken of, all real, who lived and died within the walls of some of these dwellings, and possibly a couple who may remain there still.

Ghost Tours/Paranormal Investigations:

Adelaide Haunted Horizons runs several different tours/investigations at Old Tailem Town.

2hr Conducted Ghost Tours - $48
4hr Conducted Ghost Tour/Paranormal Investigation - $80
3hr Paranormal Investigation Only - $80

For more information and bookings, visit their website

Call: 1300 HAUNTED or 0407 715 866

Marble Surface
Marble Surface
Marble Surface
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