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Old Tailem Town Pioneer Village

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Old Tailem Town Story

"In life we all end up with what we think about, and so South Australia now has a culture centre that reminds people of their own life's road.  It also shows young people of how the world has come to where it is now." ~ Peter Squires, Owner of Tailem Town

Peter Squires inherited the property that Old Tailem Town now stands on, from his Grandfather.  He was already familiar with the property and it's history, having visited and played there while growing up.  When it was passed on to Peter he had a decision to make on what he wanted to do with it.

Having just visited another pioneer village at Swan Hill, he decided that is what he wanted to build for Tailem Bend. Wanting to keep it authentic, he purchased old buildings, some over 100 years old, and transported them back to his property to recreate an olden-day Australian town.

He was passionate that our history should be preserved for the public to enjoy and that our children should step out of their modern world for a short time and experience the lives our grandparents once lived.  

Peters passion never wanes and the village continues to grow, now standing at nearly 115 buildings on 15 streets!

Even better we are pet friendly, so as long as your dog is on leash they are welcome too!

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